Tiny Data

by: Katja Marie Voigt

Tiny Data

From being evaluated by significant others to radical self monitoring – an experiment

Tiny Data is, an analogue real-time tracking-system, that contains 100 ratings collected in 100 different interactions with several communication partners.

When I leave the air bnb apartment after a weekend trip they ask me to rank the host. On the toilet at the Berlin airport I can press a smiley button for honest feedback. I can rate the electronics seller after buying a tv and this can be done through an anonymous power, which could ultimately also cause the salesman to be promoted or fired from his job – a „significant“ rating, which affects one of the communication partners.

Tiny Data investigates the relationship of power and dependence between strangers and others acting in evaluation systems. After every interactions I evaluated myself in terms of autonomy and dependence on my interaction partner and regarding the situation‘s emotional intensity.   

How does it feel to turn rating systems the other way around?


Katja Marie Voigt studied architecture (BA) and art (MA) in Berlin and is Ph.D candidate at Bauhaus University Weimar. Her research deals with the perception of lifetime during phases of either self-determination or complete heteronomy. Her approach focuses exclusively on self-experience. Through artistic experiments she simultaneously takes on the perspective of both the experimenter and the test subject. Through graphic protocols she notes down mental patterns and multidimensional contours of experience. In her projects she examines those dimensions of current debates, which are mentally and bodily comprehensible.

Since 2016 she manages the Penthaus für schöne Formate, an open studio for Risographie printing in Berlin. Katja is chairwoman of Kunst Werk Stadt Berlin e.V., a non-profit association promoting and initiating art projects.



Ocean-scores tracked while the experiment „Tiny Data“