Real-time Coding and the aesthetic of feedback-loops

by: Babette Wiezorek

Real-time Coding and Feedback loops in additive manufacturing procedures

The project examines the possibility to integrate organic strategies such as regulatory circuits and feedbacks into the system of a 3D-printer. A sensory evoked feedback changes the online-coding of the printer‘s movement and influences the form of the artefact. This is made possible by using microprocessors as an open interface for sensory data and the adapted code. The inquiring approach is based on a fundamental interest in the emergence of form in nature and technique; it investigates the relation between the system components – material, printer‘s construction and the coding – whose processes are intertwined.

Babette Wiezorek is a product designer who works at the interface of materials, technologies and the processes that connect them. She focuses on additive and computer-aided technologies (3D-printing) using fluid materials, in particular ceramics. Her research activities are based on a fundamental interest in the natural and technical processes behind the creation of form. This interest led her to implement organic strategies like feedback or regulatory circuits into the system of a 3D-Printer and challenge the potential of that technology. Babette is co-founder of the design collective Additive Addicted, she is lecturing at art academy berlin weißensee and Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. Within the project Ceramics and its dimensions. Shaping the Future her work was shown throughout Europe; she has exhibited at Salone del Satellite (Milan 2018), Ventura Future 2018 (2018), as well as at Museum Schloss Fürstenberg (being shortlisted for the Richard Bampi Preis 2018).