Adaptive permeability 

by: Ebba Fransén Waldhör

How can the shape-changing properties of SMA be used to create an adaptive sun shading for architecture? In the joint R&D research project Adaptex, Ebba researches shape memory alloy in fabric and how these can be applied in an architectural context. The aim is to create a textile that changes its permeability in response to temperature changes of its surroundings. After extensive research into various textile techniques suitable to the integration of SMA for this purpose, focus was laid on the development of an adaptive multiaxial mesh. Alongside the technical exploration, Ebba’s interest lie in questions concerning the aesthetic experience of the membrane: the visual permeability and fragmented views that various pattern formations creates.

Ebba Fransén Waldhör (Dipl.-Des.) is an artist, designer and researcher working with textiles in various forms. Exploring in new, hybrid ideas of spatiality, her practice is anchored in the world of physical materials: often combining the use of new technologies and industrial materials with the hand made. Since 2014, she develops spatial concepts and installation for artists, writers, and institutions.